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Item No.:PUP501
Deluxe wooden umbrella
Frame: Chinese Juniper with pulley real brass connector
Size: 400/8-48
With Pulley Real brass connector
Item No.:PUP502
Deluxe wooden umbrella with double roof
Frame: Chinese Juniper
Size: 270/8-38
Item No.:PUP503
Promotional Patio Umbrella
Frame: Alu pole +metal ribs
Size: 270/6-48
Other available size: 270/6-38; 270/6-48; 270x300/8-48; 270x270/8-48; 300x300/8-48
Item No.:PUP504
Aluminium folding hanging umbrella
Frame: aluminium pole/ribs
Size: 300/6-48
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